two weeks in grey (backyard version)

by buttonfly



released November 5, 2014

recording this playing Pat Telmer's sweet acoustic parlour guitar in the backyard at 505 Central. Song is for Lidia C. who said In Two weeks we'll meet again in grey...



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buttonfly London, Ontario

buttonfly started playing together in 2002. In 2015 we released a 15 song album "A Map of This City", bringing together work we'd started in 2010. We hope to release an EP of new work in 2016 before we go on a year's hiatus. we are: linda b. & pat. t on guitars & vocals, dave t. on bass, luke h. on drums & brian s. on saxophones. ... more

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Track Name: two weeks in grey
in two weeks we'll meet again in grey.
you'll wear that tie and I'll wear the same dress, and a solemn attitude that got us this bad mood. And I"ll wrap my scarf around my neck too tight, and dance while I wait for you, under the parking lot light.
When things get worse, as they're bound to do, when things get worse who will be with you? (x2)
When I was seven I learned to hold my breath from the shallows to the deep end -- I was ready for collapse, I was ready for the world to end.
In dreams you're always kicking underwater, swimming to a place I can't follow. With my cheeks puffed out I'll hold my breath in, and wait and wait and wait til you jump back in.
It's been the best of times, it's been the worst of worst, I'm not sorry though I'm cursed. Your absence clorinates the empty space, I'm back stroking trying to see your face.
Many years ago we met in black, you wore a tie and I wore the same dress, and I held and I held my breath.